From light aircraft to the fastest executive jets, Tribos has proved to be the time-saving ‘miracle product’ the world of aviation was waiting for.

  • Applied by builders of new aircraft — and by maintenance teams the world over.
  • Gives a fabulous and impressive finish very quickly and with minimum effort.
  • Time out of the air is money lost — Tribos cuts cleaning time dramatically.
  • Flying through rain clouds self-cleans the surface and keeps finish sparkling.
  • Stains from fuel spills, jetwash and exhaust outlets become a thing of the past.
  • A treated aircraft is ‘slippery’ and cuts through the air faster — saves fuel too.
  • Pilots report more efficient aircraft performance after Tribos treatment.
  • Offers an overall protection not only for your paint but also for your glass.
  • Hydrophobic system that keeps glass clearer and cleaner for longer enhancing all-round visibility and safety.
Tribos is a registered trademark of Tribos Coatings (International) Ltd.